Reach Boundless Opportunities in BPROL (Level 1 training)

The training contains 4 main ideas:

  1. General Knowledge of citizenship and residency program (2 hrs)
  2. Sales and Counseling skills. (2 hrs)
  3. Documentation (2-4 hrs)
  4. Practice (2 hrs)

Above-mentioned training include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Introduction of Caribbean CBIs
  • Introduction of European countries CBIs and RBIs
  • General idea of tax jurisdiction
  • Combination of programs
  • Reconstruction of  identity
  • Usage of tools


  1. The training needs to be completed in 30 days after you make the order. If you can't complete in 30 days upon the payment with a proper reason which is accepted by our office in written email, you may need to make the payment in partial or full again to complete the training.
  2. If you currently are under review, or you haven't received the approval letter, do NOT make order before you CONTACT US.
  3. The fees will be REFUNDED in full when you have the first sale if you have already been registered as  an authorized agent/ partnership.
  4. The fees can't be transferred, given, or divided for any individual, or third party.
  5. The training will be delivered in person, online, or hybrid.
  6. Please discuss with your supervisor if you have any questions before you place the order.